Your Training Partner in Cutting Edge Technologies

Your Training Partner in Cutting Edge Technologies:
CTTC has committed to enhance the quality and professionalism of IT Industry by administering and supporting quality education programs and industry recognized certifications. Whether the need is to train individuals the use of the latest Office Application or to retool engineers to support cutting-edge digital networks CTTC has the skill, knowledge and personnel to deliver the solution for your need.


Networking Unlimited Package

Total Training for the next six years of your career in One Year!

Offer Courses

    • CCNA
    • CCNA Exam Preparation
  • Telecom
    • C-Voice
    • Cloud Essential
  • CompTIA
    • A+
    • Network Plus
  • Microsoft
    • MCSA 2012 / MCSE 2012 / MCITP 2008
  • Security
    • TMG
    • CCNA Security
  • Cloud
    • MS Exchange
    • SharePoint 2010
  • Linux
    • Linux SA-1 / Linux Essentials
  • Bonus Courses
    • Introduction to Programming for Network Engineering

You’ve got to have the core building-blocks down if you are going to be successful, No way around it, you need skill like hardware, software, networking and security. And you should not have to go to the ends of the earth to get them. Right now CTTC is offering the complete training package that given you all of your core training and more. Get all training you need for a life in technology today.

You can sign up for all CTTC Public Courses in One Year for investment of 30,000/- PKR

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