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Your Training Partner in Cutting Edge Technologies:
CTTC has committed to enhance the quality and professionalism of IT Industry by administering and supporting quality education programs and industry recognized certifications. Whether the need is to train individuals the use of the latest Office Application or to retool engineers to support cutting-edge digital networks CTTC has the skill, knowledge and personnel to deliver the solution for your need.


Linux SA-3



Linux System Administration III course is designed for experienced Linux administrators who require networking and security administration skills and wants to become expert to their professional competency by identifying and filling any gap in their knowledge. This course emphasizes security, including monitoring, packet filtering, NAT and access controls etc.

Who Needs to Attend?

  • Senior Linux system administrators who require networking and security administration skills.
  • Those participants who have attended Linux SA I and SA II classes.


  • Concepts / Intro: Open Source, Why Linux in Enterprise and Cloud Computing using Linux
  • Unit 1: Expert Installation of Redhat 6, Debian 6 and SUSE 11
  • Unit 2: Virtualization using KVM and XEN
  • Unit 3: Network Storages Management and Clustered File Systems (GFS)
  • Unit 4: Performance Tuning, Resource Planning and Troubleshooting
  • Unit 5: System & Network Security
    • Cryptography
    • SELinux
    • Open VPN
    • Secure Network Traffic with SNORT (IDS), IPTables (Packet Filtering/NAT).
  • Unit 6: Monitoring Systems and Network:
    • Remote Logging
    • Packet Sniffers (WireShark)
    • Nagios or Cacti



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