Your Training Partner in Cutting Edge Technologies

Your Training Partner in Cutting Edge Technologies:
CTTC has committed to enhance the quality and professionalism of IT Industry by administering and supporting quality education programs and industry recognized certifications. Whether the need is to train individuals the use of the latest Office Application or to retool engineers to support cutting-edge digital networks CTTC has the skill, knowledge and personnel to deliver the solution for your need.




Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Learn how to install, operate, configure, and verify a basic IPv4 and IPv6 network. You will focus on configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP router, identifying basic security threats, understanding redundant topological, troubleshooting common network issues, connecting to a wide-area network (WAN), configuring EIGRP and OSPF in both IPv4 and IPv6, understanding WAN technologies, and getting familiar with device management and Cisco licensing.

Who Needs to Attend?

  • Students & IT Professionals who want to explore NETWORKING skills in CISCO Technologies.
  • Student who have taken Cisco / Networking Unlimited package.


  • OSI Model, TCP/IP V4, V6
  • Network Management
  • VLANs, Trunks, VTP, STP and Ethechannel
  • Spanning Tree Protocol, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP V2, EIGRP, OSP
  • Access Control List with Network Address Translate
  • PPP, QOS, E B6P , Cloud
  • ACL, Port Security, AAA
  • IOS & SNMP, Networking Programmability

Duration: 45 Hours
Course Price: PKR 8,000/-

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